60+ years of experience

Guaranteed Roof Repairs

We are so confident in the repairs we provide that we will guarantee that they will last for at least three years.

If your roof leaks again from the same spot within three years of being repaired by us, we will return and fix it again at no additional cost!

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Years Of Experience

We know more about roofing than just about anybody else. 

our experience

We Build Better, Faster & Stronger!

Don’t expect the same results from young companies with young owners and even younger workers. In roofing, more than in most industries, experience is everything. I can take one look at a roof and tell you where and why it is leaking, and there aren’t too many folks that can provide that level of expertise these days.

  • Fantastic financing options, including low-interest loans
  • The best customer service in the business
  • The highest quality products

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Roof Improvement For More
Than 60 Years

Because I have been doing this successfully for so long, I can provide a level of expertise that is almost unheard of anymore. Whether your roof is made of wood shake, asphalt, fiberglass, composite, slate, concrete tiles, clay tiles, corrugated metal, aluminum, vinyl, rubber, or any other material, you can bet I’ve seen it and worked with it more than any other contractor available.

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We’re Providing Quality
Roofing Services



Services we offer

Roof installation

New roofs for residential and commercial clients.

Roof Replacement

Fast, efficient removal, replacement, and thorough cleanup.


Fast, efficient removal, replacement, and thorough cleanup.

Roof Repair

Reliable repairs I guarantee for up to three years.


Why People are Choosing us for Their roofs

I hate trying to find reliable contractors. They are so hard to find. Especially for roofing. Thank God I found Specialty Projects when I needed a repair.”

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let’s build something together

I want to be of great value and service to my community. Fortunately, I love what I do! Unfortunately, roofing and roofing repair is not a profession that calls very many people to do difficult and dangerous work with a passion for quality results. I will change your perspective of the industry because I will provide a level of quality and workmanship that you’ve never seen!

Every repair job is different. One might require 30 minutes and a few shingles. Another might need 3 hours and several bundles of shingles. But I have a very good sense of what it will take to fix a leaking roof from what I can see on the ground. When I give an estimate on what it will take to fix your roof, you can take it to the bank.

I do NOT provide free estimates. With taxes, gas, insurance, and upkeep and maintenance on my work vehicle being what it is these days, I have to charge for estimates, or I’ll go out of business. But rest assured that I charge as little as possible. My current fee for an estimate is $50.

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I am the only person who is willing and able to guarantee roof repairs. I guarantee all my repairs for up to three years.

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